This month on Dear Paris, we’re focusing on how French women wear denim – the items that make up their capsule wardrobe and how they style them to achieve that unmistakable, quintessentially “French” look.

So what about the products that make up their beauty capsule wardrobe? What are the items every woman really needs in order to master that effortless, Parisian chic look on the go? We’ve broken it down for you here.

A Signature Scent

French beauty is about enhancing your unique, natural beauty, and few things create a unique, signature beauty identity as effectively as fragrance. The same perfume will never smell exactly the same on two different people.

There’s something quintessentially French about an olfactory approach to perfumerie. For real Parisian beauty choose a signature scent from a French fragrance house (Diptyque is a personal favourite).

A Bold Lipstick

There are few beauty looks more Parisian than clean skin with merely a slick of lipstick. A bold lipstick (ideally somewhere between a blood red and a rich merlot) should be kept on hand at all times.

The lipstick shouldn’t be too matte nor too glossy, nor should it be painted on with meticulous precision. Use your finger to pick up colour from the bullet, then press the colour into the lips for a stained look.

A Rich Moisturiser

Rather than covering up your natural skin texture under layers of foundation, impart a dew by using a rich moisturiser day and night.

This will create a smooth, glowing base should you choose to wear foundation, and it will plump up the skin and make it look dewy and fresh if you decide to go bare faced.

A Brightening Concealer

As above, effortless Parisian beauty isn’t about hiding the skin. Invest in a good quality brightening concealer pen (YSL’s Touche Eclat is iconic for a reason) and paint it on wherever you want to brighten the complexion or very subtly conceal a blemish.

If you’ve prepped with your rich moisturising cream, you’ll find the concealer will melt seamlessly into your base for the most natural skin finish possible.

A Cream Luminiser

Luminisers, illuminators and highlighters exist to bathe the skin in light, so keep one on hand for whenever you need to glow.

For real French style look for products with a cream consistency, rather than high octane liquids or pigmented powders. This gives the skin a dewy effect rather than an obvious shimmer and shine.

An Eyeshadow Crayon

Eyeshadow crayons combine so many Parisian beauty essentials into one product.

French women prefer an effortless approach to makeup, and these crayons don’t require a brush, or even a mirror! This makes it so simple to achieve a classic French smokey eye on the go.

Invest in a neutral or bronze for day, then choose a deeper colour to add smoke for a night out.