Want to prevent sagging breasts and stretched breast tissue? Need to alleviate your chronic back pain?

Before you opt for a visit to the doctor or splash out on skin firming cremes, you might like to spend a few minutes with an expert lingerie fitter, as the secret to prevention lies in the lingerie department!

For most women, the bra is an essential foundation garment that supports and refines the silhouette.

We don’t think about it, we just automatically put one on each day.

And while a beautiful bra can certainly boost your confidence or make you feel sexy, there are some health and wellness benefits that we shouldn’t ignore.

Bras can prevent sagging breasts and stretched breast tissue

When you’re living life on the go, breast support is vital. There’s nothing worse than an unsupportive bra causing unwanted stress on your delicate skin. Wearing a bra that supports breast tissue can reduce bounce and prevent sagging.

Bras can improve your posture

If you struggle with issues relating to posture, an ill-fitting bra could be making the problem worse. A full bust can draw you forward, creating extra strain on your lower back. The correct bra will offer support from side panels and bra band, lifting the bust and allowing you to stand straighter.

Bras can prevent back and spinal pain

Did you know that an unsupportive bra could be contributing to your back and neck pain? It’s not uncommon for women with larger bust sizes to feel excess tension through the neck due to an ill-fitting bra. To support the breasts and prevent pain, your bra should provide lift and feel comfortable through the straps. If ever in doubt, organise a bra fitting!

Bras create a smooth shape under clothing

Whether you’re sporting a figure hugging ensemble or an oversized t-shirt, wearing a properly fitted bra creates a smooth foundation for every outfit. To refine bust shape and feel supported under a low cut neckline for example, a classic plunge bra is essential. To provide lift under a spaghetti strap top on the other hand, a strapless bra is key.

Bras can make you feel more confident

There’s something powerful about embracing the day in a beautiful set of lingerie. It’s your secret weapon, a hidden confidence booster only you know about, and it can create a positive impact each day. Lingerie is an everyday luxury that every woman deserves.