Reflecting on International Women’s Day, I remember seeing lots of beautiful posts flooding my Facebook feed regarding feminine energy.

To those posting these stories, feminine energy may represent all manner of qualities – simply being a woman, ‘girl power’ and the prevalence of all those identifying as females and achieving in society.

But is there a true definition of this essential quality? And how can you know if you’re channeling “feminine energy” for yourself?

What Is Feminine Energy?

Essentially, your feminine essence is the unique embodiment of your intuitive and sensory power.

You know that moment when you stop focusing on the thoughts in your mind, just for a moment and find stillness? What sensations do you notice pulsing through your body? And do they carry a little whisper of insight with them?

That is your feminine energy… that subtle, soft, yet resonant truth that is carried in the body, once the mind stops its chatter.

It’s slightly different to your intuition, in that intuition can come in different ways, particularly from a mental state, where as feminine energy essentially exists in the body and the sensual realm.

It is that rapture you connect with when you bite into a delicious croissant, witness a glowing sunset or feel the kisses of a loved one on your cheek.

It is the beauty and magic of life, experienced through your heart and loins and body, where you live and feel every moment.

Before we go any further, it’s important to denote what feminine energy is NOT. Feminine energy is NOT dumbed down, submissive, agreeable or weak. A feminine woman is not tied to the stove, baking cookies, or wearing pink tulle (unless she wants to).

The Difference Between Masculine & Feminine Energy

While masculine energy tends to be more ‘in the head’, approaching problems and issues in a rational and systematic manner, feminine energy is a more ‘felt’ sense of knowing and navigating solutions from feelings.

Both men and women can be in their feminine or masculine energy, but, depending on the environment and their own social conditioning, one energy can be more dominant than the other. We can oscillate between the two, but we generally will revert to our default energy.

Neither of these energies are inherently good or bad, but our strength lies in the ability to identify and channel them in the right situation.


A woman in her feminine is a Goddess, embodying nurturing, sensual, warm and heart-centred qualities that allow those who she affects to feel cared for in her presence.

If masculine energy is about navigating from the head, then feminine energy is about navigating from the heart. And we need a balance of both for a harmonious life.

The Importance of Balancing Your Energy

If you observe nature, you will notice perfect balance and harmony co-existing in everything to ensure its survival. Summer balances winter, water balances fire, night balances day, yin balances yang, and the feminine balances the masculine.

In a professional context, the overarching sentiment shared amongst C-Level women seems to be that it is only by harnessing your masculine energy that you are able to sustain a successful career; boardroom tricks to assert dominance and authority and the removal of emotion in conversation all speak to a method of negating the feminine parts of ourselves entirely, to transform into men.

The reality is, true feminine energy is as potent and powerful as masculine energy- easily balancing and uplifting the over-reach of masculine power, when applied.

To utilise your authentic feminine energy is an exercise in love, care, and intuition.

Women in their feminine bring out the BEST in each other and in men, professionally and personally.

We owe it to ourselves, first and foremost, to listen to our essence and our feminine truth by slowing down, getting in our bodies and asking what our hearts and spirits really want.

How to Find Your Feminine Energy

There are so many amazing women in the world valuing their bodies, their inner wisdom and living from their heart more than their head, so why not be one of them?

The first step in tuning into this inner power is to start thinking about your own source of strength throughout the day.

When do you feel most powerful?

-Remember a time when your heart felt full of pride, acceptance or joy

-Where in your body do you feel those sensations?

– If this feeling had a colour, what would it be?

– What about its shape, movement or temperature?

By tapping into the sensory qualities of your emotions in this way, you will start to be aware of where your powerful, feminine-centred feelings lie and and access them with more ease.

Are you doing things in your day-to-day life because you have to, or because you want to?

Living from your feminine is a commitment to allowing yourself to feel more, and then navigating your decisions from those feelings.

Practice asking yourself the question; “what would I LOVE to do right now?”, and allow for the answer to come without judgement.

Explore your day as if you were to act on this desire.

-Where can you do more of what you love?

-Can you plan to do more of what you love in a few weeks or months?

By aknowledging the emotive power within, we can all realign ourselves to the path we dream to follow, bolstered by the strength of our own inner wisdom.

As women, we are given a unique privilege to navigate our life more freely through our feelings. We have been given the unique gift of birth, and the revered anatomy for pleasure.

There is every reason to celebrate being a woman today, so let’s start applying our unique potency to up-level our life!

About the Author

Alina Berdi knew early on that her life’s calling was to help empower women. Now, with more than a decade of coaching and consulting experience to her name, she has emerged as one of our most respected and trusted guides and coach to many of Australia’s most successful women. As our lives have been faced with tremendous amounts of pressure from all areas, the vast majority of women tend to feel more and more cut off from their inner goddess selves. A practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and a student of Tantra, Alina’s insights into life and love have seen her regularly contribute to a number of popular publications including Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Body and Soul and Madison.