There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep.

Time is of the essence, arguably more so now than ever, so I often reach for beauty products that have been specifically formulated to work their magic overnight.

With a thorough bedtime beauty routine, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be waking up with glowing skin which should save you a bit of time beautifying in the morning. Here are my top tips for sleeping your way to better skin.

Sleep with Silk

Silk bedding is more than a luxury. I actually think of my silk pillow slip and eye mask as skincare products because they have so many benefits beyond looking and feeling beautiful.

Have you ever woken up with pillow creases on your cheek? If you find yourself waking up with the same creases repeatedly, they’ll actually turn into wrinkles just as a frown line would.

A silk pillowcase means no more creases, younger looking skin and smoother, shampoo-commercial-worthy hair. Cotton absorbs more moisture than silk, so a silk pillow slip gives your skincare products a far greater chance at staying on your face.

The same goes for silk eye masks, helping your eye cream better penetrate the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

Try a Sleep Tea

If you have trouble physically falling into your beauty sleep, it can be worth trying a natural sleeping aid (my personal favourite is The Super Elixir by WelleCo’s Sleep Welle Tea).

Aside from calming the nervous system to soothe you into a restful slumber, I actually find a mug before bed aids with digestion and prevents water retention so I don’t wake up with a puffy, tired face.

Overnight Wonders

Your skin care routine is important both morning and night, however I like to work specific overnight products into my routine to give my skin a bit of a nightly boost.

I opt for an overnight oil or serum if my skin is feeling dry or looking dull, or I’ll pop on an overnight peeling solution if I’m dealing with a breakout, congestion or excess oil.

An eye cream is also essential for avoiding puffy, tired eyes come sunrise.

Don’t Forget the Body

With so much emphasis on facial skincare, it can be easy to forget about our body. I like to apply a body oil in the evening, rather than the morning, to give them more time to sink in overnight.

I prefer body oils over lotions for their hydrating properties, and I find these formulas lend themselves to an evening routine as you don’t need to dress immediately following application.


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