Introducing fashion blogger Natalie Lucas from From Luxe with Love @fromluxewithlove and her desk space!

Each month we invite you into the creative hub of some of Australia’s leading business women, to see what professional accoutrements keep their businesses thriving and inspiring.

Natalie Lucas Head Shot Simone Perele

What do you do, when did you start and why do you love it?

As part of running my blog, From Luxe With Love, I shoot, edit and write content for the site and Instagram.

I also attend events and showings so that I’m across any new season products and launches. I also create content for brands to use on their social media channels (meaning I spend a lot of hours in front of my MacBook!).

Having worked as a model and as a makeup artist, I have always had an interest in fashion and beauty. I created From Luxe With Love in late 2014 as an outlet to share personal style, beauty and travel experiences.

I love what I do as it allows me to be creative and work in industries I am so passionate about!


What’s on your desk?

My MacBook and iPhone are always with me when I work. I still like to write things down on paper, so I’m constantly using my diary from The Daily Edited and to-do lists from Kikki-K.

I’ll usually have a candle burning (this one is from Glasshouse, it’s so pretty!) and also my UE Boom 2 speaker to play music when I’m editing images.

There is also a Louis Vuitton notebook, pens that I keep in a cute Kikki-K box and coffee (obviously!).


What ‘work’ item can’t you live without?

Definitely my MacBook and Lightroom (both are my editing essentials!), iPhone and my diary to keep me organised and on track.


How do you stay inspired to create gorgeous content every day for your audience?

I look to Instagram quite a lot for inspiration, along with other blogs, magazines and Pinterest.

I also find a lot of inspiration when I travel by getting to see some amazing street styles, new stores and magazines that are different to those in Australia.


What 3 pieces of advice would you share with aspiring bloggers who want to thrive commercially in the fashion blogging space?

1. Your primary reason to take up blogging should always be your passion, not money or gifts. I think if you are passionate about something you will always have a love to create content which will help your following grow.

2. Quality over quantity. Focus on creating good quality content rather than on posting more content that is perhaps not your best.

3. Find your niche and build your own personal brand. Whilst it can be tempting to cover everything, brands are more likely to approach you when they can see your content aligns with their brand. Visually for Instagram, content that flows well in your feed and has some sort of theme to it tends to do well.