No matter who we are, glowing skin is always the goal.

I love layering illuminator on illuminator to really catch and diffuse the light, but I know a lot of women shy away from shimmer. I can understand why – it’s science.

Shimmers, glitters and anything with too much glow can settle into fine lines and wrinkles, increase the size of the pores and highlight any imperfections.

So how can we master a glowing complexion without drawing attention to the areas of our skin that we’d rather hide? I’ve got a few tried and tested tricks up my sleeve that will give you a glow no matter your age or skin type.

Start with an Illuminating Primer

Before you apply your foundation, massage an illuminating primer into your skin. Primer will create a smooth canvas for your makeup, and an illuminating formula will deliver a “lit from within” glow without looking sparkly or even shimmery.

The beauty of a brightening primer is that it goes beneath your foundation, so it will blend in with the rest of your base products for a really natural, subtle glow rather than sitting too obviously on top of your foundation.

Apply a Matte Foundation

Opting for a matte foundation when you want your skin to glow sounds contradictory, but hear me out.

A medium coverage matte foundation will allow some of that illuminating primer to peek through, so your skin won’t look too flat and matte, plus it will give you a really good base to apply any additional highlighters.

If you opt for a dew finish foundation you’ll need to go back in with mattifying products in order to control where you want your skin to shine (ie. not those fine lines, blemishes or pores).

A matte foundation will give you a smooth, even canvas so you can amp up your glow with more precision.

Look for Cream Highlighters, Rather than Powders or Liquids

If you’re nervous about going too hard with the highlighter, I recommend using a cream formula instead of a powder or liquid.

Liquids and powders are generally more pigmented than their creamy counterparts, which is perfect for this look – it’s easy to gradually build up the glow than to go too hard, too soon and have to strip the highlighter back.

I like creamy formulas as you can press them into your foundation and use the warmth of your fingers to really melt them into the skin for the most natural glow possible. I also find that creams have more of a dewy, glowing finish, as opposed to the shimmer of liquids and powders, which means they’ll diffuse the appearance of imperfections rather than drawing attention to them.

Apply your highlighter to wherever you really want to glow. As a rule of thumb, I apply mine to the high planes of the cheek bones, the brow bone and the cupid’s bow.