Do you wash your lingerie any differently to any of your other clothes? If we’re correct, we’re guessing most of us are probably guilty of throwing our bras right into the washing machine with all our other clothes, right?

Not surprisingly to some of you, this isn’t the best way to correctly wash your lingerie in order to best maintain its longevity. We spoke with our Senior Corsetière Tracey Hryce who gave us a few tips of how to best wash your delicates so they last longer.

The pores of the fabric in your bra are like the pores of the skin.

“Just as we need to deep cleanse the oil and dirt that gathers in the pores of the skin after a long day, our bra fabrics will soak up sweat and oils from our skin that in turn stretch the pores of the fabric, says Tracey.

“And as fabric has memory, your bra will stay stretched without a proper cleanse. Wash your bras every second wear at least.”

Hand Wash Your Lingerie

The best method to use to wash your underwear is to hand wash. Use cold water so that colours don’t run and move your lingerie around in the water so that it works the Wash into your bras gently.

Leave it to sit for 10 minutes.

Lingerie Wash Liquids

We recommend using a small amount of Delicates Wash,” Tracey says. Bleaches and wool washes break down the fabric and cause wear and tear.

Drying Your Lingerie

After washing, rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze out any excess water from your garments.

Lightly press your delicates between two towels to remove excess water, then hang out them to dry out of direct sunlight.


But what about those of us that don’t have a lot of spare time and need our lingerie clean in a hurry?

“If you do decide to machine-wash your delicates, make sure that you use a lingerie wash bag. This will prevent your bras from snagging on any trimming or knitted items such as jumpers or tops,” explains Tracey.

Hook your bras together before zipping up the bag to prevent stretching and put it in the wash with your other items.

Tracey recommends using the ‘delicates’ cycle on your washing machine so your underwear is not damaged, and to always air dry your garments.

“Never put your lingerie in the dryer. This causes shrinkage and damage to the delicate material that your underwear is made with. The best way to dry them is to air dry.”

Our Recommendation

Gently wash your lingerie by hand with a laundry detergent specifically formulated for delicate fabrics, then squeeze excess water out between towels before air drying.


Watch our Video on How to Properly Care for your Lingerie