Want to find the ‘perfect fit bra’ and avoid those annoying traits we all put up with every day? You know – the straps dig in, the chest band is too tight, the cup is too big or small or the wire pokes out.

Finding a bra that’s comfortable and supportive is of the utmost importance so we can spend less time adjusting our undergarments and more time enjoying life!

Our advice is to ask the experts. They fit women all day so they have a wealth of knowledge spanning fabric types, construction, fit and functionality.

To help answer your bra shopping FAQs and set you on your way to finding your ‘perfect fit bra’, we sat down with Simone Pérèle’s senior Corsetière, Tracey Hryce.

What should a ‘perfect fit’ bra feel like?

Our fit expert Tracey likens a ‘perfect fit bra’ to “wearing slippers”. It should fit as firmly as possible, without being too tight. This will achieve the best support and comfort. If the underwire in your bra feels uncomfortable however, this is usually an indicator you are wearing the wrong cup size.



How will you know if your bra straps are adjusted correctly?

When your bra straps are adjusted correctly, they should sit snugly on the shoulders without digging in. If they are too loose, they will slip right off the shoulders. This can also be an indicator that you are wearing the wrong size bra.

What are some common mistakes women make when trying to find the ‘perfect fit bra’.

There are two common mistakes women make when trying to find their own bra with the perfect fit.. The size of the back of the bra is either too big or the size of the cups are too small. Tracey describes bra fitting like cutting your own hair; you can do it but it’s much easier if somebody else does it for you!



If you are an A cup, do you really need to be wearing a bra?

While technically you can be very comfortable going bra-less if you are an A cup, most women want some form of coverage and we can help them find their ‘perfect fit bra’ too! A slightly contoured bra or push-up can create shape and curved lines to balance proportions.

What should you do if one of your breasts is larger than the other?

Similar to your hands and feet, most women have one breast larger than the other. Nobody is completely symmetrical! When purchasing a bra however, you do have to accommodate the larger side. For advice, speak to your Simone Pérèle consultant to help you choose the best styles.



How often do you need to get fitted?

According to Tracey, you should be fitted every time you are considering purchasing a new bra. As different styles use varying fabrics, they each sit differently on the body. This means you may need to be fitted into different sizes for different styles to ensure every bra is a perfect fit. Women often need to go up a cup size when being fitted for a strapless bra for example. Our bodies are always changing!

Underwire or no underwire? Who needs it and who doesn’t?

All body shapes can wear either. The difference is that for larger cup sizes, wire-free bras can look quite different in order to build in the shape and support. According to Tracey, you will definitely see a different shape when wearing a wire-free bra under your clothing.



What should you look for when shopping for Shapewear?

Your shapewear should be determined by the style of your outfit. To create a strapless bodysuit, pair our Top Model High Waist Shaper and strapless bra. For added coverage use the Top Model Full Shaper (with legs). The Top Model Bodysuit is worn with the bra of your choice, so there are endless combinations you can put together!

The Wrap Up

Try on every new bra you are interested in, fit for the larger size when there is a difference between the breasts and always ask for your expert advice!



Corsetière Profile:Tracey Hryce

“My background is in Bridal and Evening Wear, fashion design, garment construction and retailing. I’ve worked for Simone Pérèle for 7 years, as a consultant in David Jones Elizabeth St, Sydney and also as ‘Product Specialist’ and ‘Event Host’.

My dressmaking experience provides a great understanding of body shape, which helps with style selection. Correct size is one thing, but fitting the customer in a suitable style is equally important!