The promise of espousing a routine that would allow a busy modern woman to feel replenished and regrouped within the time you’d boil an egg seems dreamy, at best.

After all, haven’t we spent weeks, if not long months acquiring our dreary stressful sediment?

You know what I’m referencing here – that dormant, lethargic, yet irritatingly palatable frustration that seems to permeate our daily endeavours. Where any phone call, email, yelling of your name or beeping notification makes us scream ‘I need a holiday!!!’ while collapsing in defeated resignation that there is not enough weeks you can etch to escape and reboot your system.

While I can’t quite fund your ticket to the South of France (as much as I’d love to), there is a trick that may provide a similar effect.

How To Feel Sensual

If you can put aside your chores and commitments for a measly 10 minutes, you can replenish the spirit and energise the body with a routine I call ‘The 5 S’s’

What are these 5 simmering skills, you ask?

Essentially, this is a simple, easy and quick method to drop into your feminine energy by reconnecting with each of its 5 components.

Feminine energy can be deconstructed like a delicious cake to the energetic textures of:
Stillness, Silence, Slowness, Smoothness and Sweetness.

Now, of course, feminine energy is so much more (like Courage! Power! Strength!), but I’d like you to think of these qualities in a kinesthetic, rather than emotional perception, in the same way you’d describe the cake as spongy, creamy, crunchy and sweet, rather than delectable, gorgeous and delicious!

Let’s explore each one of these qualities through this gently moving exercise.

Step #1 Stillness

To begin your recalibration from stressed to serene, simply stop what you’re doing.


Remember that game of statues from when you were a child? You’re it, for two delicious minutes.

Just sit down, drop what you’re doing and be.

Don’t move.

The reason why this is important is that it lets your energy catch up to you and grounds you back in your body – the first component to any feminine exploration.

Step #2 Silence

You know that mental dialogue you’re still having with yourself?

An endless chorus of call and response about all matter of matters?

Well…. shhhh.
For the next two minutes, you don’t have to solve or resolve anything pertaining to you or others and just surrender everything to the inner void.
By giving yourself permission not to problem solve and think, you will actually gain access to your intuition and its more subtle signals.

Step #3 Slowness

By now, as you sit there in a stilling silence, you may have fallen into a pleasant abyss. As you float in your newfound lightness, it’s now time to ignite the engine through which your feminine power travels with unplanned, leisurely and subtle languid movements.

For a start, breathe deeeeeply and slowly.

Now, roll your shoulders or strum your fingers… but at a glacial space. Be so slow that an observer would barely make out you’re moving. Any movement you choose to make should feel as unhurried as a solar revolution, and require a further two minutes of your time.

There’s three reasons why this works.

For a start, you’re sending the world a subliminal signal that you’re not to be rushed.

Second, you’re also giving yourself permission to take your time and do things at your own pace.

Finally, ‘slowness’ equates with sensuality and pleasure. Who said you have to scurry, feel harried to be effective or enjoy life? No one, cherie.

Step #4 Smoothness

Now that you’re flowing, swaying and gently rolling, it’s time to bring some mastery to your movements.

If you find yourself rocking from side to side, bring some poise and precision to your steps, perhaps by pointing your toes or being more aware of your body weight as you step around.

Be aware of your posture and your poise. If you were breathing at an odd pace, allow your inhalations to become more steady and expansive.

Continue this graceful execution for two minutes and wire in the subconscious message that you bring majesty and precision to everything you do – even the smallest gestures.

Step #5 Sweetness

Why not complete your moving meditation with a pinch of delight?

Allow a smile and a sense of joy to overtake your being, or simply tune in to what the essence of ‘sweetness’ means for you naturally in that moment.

This is the time to play, giggle, dance freely or whatever it is that you feel completes your experience on a lovely note, for a minimum of two minutes (or longer). For best results and to go deep within, keep your eyes closed!

From Stagnant to Sensual

As you can see, this exercise is an enjoyable yet powerful way to move through a stagnant mood, or break the pattern of negative thinking. It’s a call to come back to your body, where stress is processed more rapidly than in the mind.

What makes this routine so effective is that the inner qualities you access during its execution are counter to the speedy, noisy, jerky and serious emotions that define testing moments.

So, it makes sense that we stop, slow down, open up and undo life’s overwhelming effects in the very places where we feel them most.

While this is not a two-week tryst on the Cote D’Azur, you’ll be surprised just how rested and radiant you feel.

Any questions? Post us a comment below and describe a similar technique or exercise that is working wonders for you.

Alina x


About the Author

Alina Berdi knew early on that her life’s calling was to help empower women. Now, with more than a decade of coaching and consulting experience to her name, she has emerged as one of our most respected and trusted guides and coach to many of Australia’s most successful women. As our lives have been faced with tremendous amounts of pressure from all areas, the vast majority of women tend to feel more and more cut off from their inner goddess selves. A practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and a student of Tantra, Alina’s insights into life and love have seen her regularly contribute to a number of popular publications including Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Body and Soul and Madison.