As beautiful and confident as makeup can make you feel, there’s no substitute for healthy, glowing skin – something that comes from a solid skincare routine.

We’re told almost every day about a new “essential” skincare product, but with so many new lotions and potions being spruiked how are we to know which order they’re to be applied in?

There’s a simple rule of thumb: lightest to heaviest.

Naturally, you’re going to need to start by removing your makeup and cleansing the skin. Next is where your new favourite rule will come into play.

Toner comes next, as the consistency is as light as water and you only need a quick spritz of it. If you’re using anything like a chemical exfoliant, that will come next as these too are often in a liquid or very, very light gel form.

Next: Serums & Creams.

The next heaviest consistency in your routine will follow – serum. You can cocktail a few serums together if you like, depending on what your skin needs (for reference, I normally opt for a Vitamin B and a Hyaluronic Acid to plump everything up and give me a nice glow).

Next? Eye cream! These are generally more of a cream consistency than your serum, which will usually be a gel or oil (or something in between the two).

The Final Step?

Night cream. Whether you choose a specific overnight cream or a basic moisturiser, these products have the thickest, heaviest consistency.

Got all the gear and no idea? Not any more. Follow my skincare rule of thumb and you’ll be layering your products like a pro in no time.