Can we ever really ‘have it all’?

The premise placed on women that it’s possible (essential, even) to juggle work, motherhood and relationships, all the while drinking two litres of water a day and maintaining perfect nails, is troubling. It’s also simply not true; the one thing that we know for sure in this life is that things don’t go to plan, and no one is perfect.

So, how do we come to terms with not ‘having it all’ or potentially ‘having it all’, just not at once? We thought Joanne Pellew, an entrepreneur and the current business owner of five successful Australian companies, would be the ideal person to ask.

Read on for her take on work-life balance and doing what works for you. Take note team, these are the words you’ll want to remember next time self-doubt creeps in.

There’s no right (or wrong) way to live

“I live in a way that is quite selfish, isolated and completely centred around my businesses. I have set my life up so that I can dedicate all of my time to the passion that gives me so much happiness and that is business – I live and breathe it.”

Forget the status quo, lead the life that works for you

“I live by the three ‘P’s: no pets, plants or partners, so I don’t have to give time and attention away from my businesses. This is definitely not good advice to most women, but it works for me.”

Know your ‘why’

“I’m driven to succeed because with my upbringing and life circumstance meant that I really wasn’t meant to. I’m driven to smash the stigmas attached to me. I am driven to try my hardest and achieve what I can with my abilities and time because I don’t want to say one day that I could’ve done this or I should’ve done that.”

Instead of comparing yourself to others, figure out what it is you want from life, and make it happen

“I don’t ever look at another person as competition, I am competing with myself only. I want to beat my last achievement, I want to be better than I was yesterday, I want to learn even more than I already know. “

For more information about Joanne Pellew and her work as an entrepreneur, visit her website.


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