There are few beauty looks with sex appeal to rival a classic smokey eye. Drawing attention to the eyes and with an air of mystery, a sultry dark eye is the ultimate date night go-to.

Unlike its meticulously painted, powdered and feline flicked counterpart, the French girl approach to the smokey eye is a little more worn in – and far easier to master.

“Effortless” is a word that guides the entire French beauty ethos. The French smokey eye is a little bit sexy and a little bit rock and roll. Think Brigitte Bardot’s signature look.

It’s less about spending hours focusing on the details and more about creating sexy on-the-go (or the illusion of having slept in last night’s makeup).

So easy you can do it in the back of the car, the French girl smokey eye is a simple, smouldering look to have up your sleeve if an unexpected last minute date arises.

Step 1

Begin by using an eye primer.

French girl beauty means you shouldn’t need to touch it up during the night (there are FAR more important things to spend your time on). So, by affording yourself an extra 30 seconds to prime you can rest assured your makeup will stay in place all evening.

Step 2

This is a “no brush nor mirror required” look. Keep your eyeshadow palettes and precise liquid liners at home! Instead, embrace the genius that is the eyeshadow crayon.

These creamy formulas come in the form of a twist-up pencil and are designed to be simply scribbled onto the eyelid then blended out with your fingers.

French beauty houses have mastered this formula. The By Terry Ombre Blackstar and Dior Cooling Stick are two of the best.

For a look with dimension and polish but minimal effort, apply a darker colour to the outer two thirds of the eyelids, a lighter shade to the inner corners, then blend.

Step 3

No “worn in” smokey eye is complete without kohl.

The French opt for kohl eyeliner rather than liquid as it doesn’t need to be as precise. It actually looks better when it’s smudged out!

Use a jet black kohl eyeliner to line both the upper and lower lashes, tapering the line in so it’s at its finest at the inner corner. Too much darkness around this area of the eye will instantly make the eyes look smaller.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock n Kohl Eyeliner is one of few eyeliners on the market that is genuinely failsafe to apply.

Step 4

We talked last month about how an eyelash curler acts as a push up bra for the lashes. So, naturally, they’re essential when it comes to creating the sexist eye look possible.

Use the curler to gently pump up the lashes – around 10 pumps per eye should do the trick.

Step 5

Finish your look with a slick of the blackest, vinyl-finish mascara you can find. Hourglass’ Caution Mascara is perfect for this look.

For both length and volume, apply your mascara by starting with the brush at the base of the lashes. Then, gently wiggle it back and forth horizontally as you pull it from root to tip. This will help separate your lashes and coat them evenly in product.