When we think of the quintessential French woman, the vision that instantly comes to mind is that of a beautifully presented figure, including a fresh face, bed hair, winged eyeliner and a bold red lip.

French women are not only fashionable but are renowned for their impeccable skin and beauty, employing a number of French Beauty tips to achieve their flawless-looking skin and hair.

Opting for the  ‘less is more’ approach in their makeup routine, and taking incredible care of their skin from a very early age are just a couple of the sartorial rules that French women follow.

But the secret to their effortlessly chic look is the philosophy; ‘the less time you spend on your hair and make-up, the more time you have to live your life to the fullest!’

Here are 5 French Beauty Tips that you can incorporate into your everyday routine to add a little Parisian flair whilst helping you get out the door faster, so you can spend more time on the things that truly matter.

1. French Women are Famous for the Chic, Tousled Hair Style.

French Editorial Makeup Artist Violette told Vogue that French women prefer to invest in a great haircut rather than a good styling product. The secret to the effortless, tousled hair look is to embrace a style that will flatter your natural hair texture and length. This means less time every morning with GHD straighteners, styling products, blow dryers and curlers!

She advises that when styling, try to keep brushing to a minimum, as over time this can weaken and damage your hair. Violette explains that French women simply want to be themselves – not a better version of themselves.

She believes the French beauty mentality is embracing what you have, and creating hair styling based around your face shape and hair type.


2. Red Lipstick is a French Woman’s Favourite Accessory

There’s nothing more quintessentially French than a bright, bold lip. The right shade of red can add instant glamour to an outfit and make even the most sleepless of nights disappear from our face.

The best part is that it only takes minimal effort and leaves you feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

One French Beauty Tip in particular that the French love is to double a lipstick as a blush. Try blending a little of your signature red lipstick into the apples of your cheeks for a quick, 2 in 1 time saver.


3. The French Don’t Have to Fake Flawless Skin

In France, one of the most important things a daughter learns from her mother is how to look after her skin.

A strict beauty regime is taught at an early age and is implemented by a French woman for her entire life. Like the correct undergarments, skin care is one of the foundations of beauty and fashion.

The French beauty routine includes investing in quality skincare products, rather than expensive treatments and makeup, and that prevention is the key to a clear, radiant complexion.

Violette told Vogue that “French women treat their ‘base’ as best they can” stating that if they have beautiful skin and hair then they don’t have to do much else.


4. A French Woman Believes Less is More

The French like to focus on just one facial feature when doing their makeup. This could be either a smoky eye, created by smudging a kohl pencil along the eye line, or opting for a French favourite, the bold red lip.

“Being natural is something we really have in our DNA”, says Violette.

It’s the ability to create a feminine, understated sensuality without glamour that really defines the unique style of the French.

Keep it simple. Pick your favourite feature and celebrate it with colour, but don’t feel the need to do it all; eyes, full coverage, bronzer, lips, brows.


5. The Secret to a French Woman’s Flawless Skin Lies in her Pantry

‘The way to have good skin is not actually about what you put on your skin… it’s about what you eat’, says Violette.

The best way to achieve smooth, flawless skin is to make sure that you have a good diet, including lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, legumes and nuts, as per the Mediterranean diet.

The French use this as a base for their consumption, opting for organic, local, seasonal produce. Unlike many fad diets that have gained popularity in Australia and promote a low-fat way of eating, French women tend to focus on limiting their intake of sugar and choosing good fats to eat.

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