Devoting all of your skincare time to looking after your face? It’s time to work those products down beyond the jawline.

Your neck and décolletage are actually amongst the first places to show visible signs of ageing.

Whether you want to slow down the superficial ageing process or just ensure your décolletage is looking its best in that new dress, here are my tried and tested tips for caring for your neck and chest.

Cleanse and exfoliate

Your neck is just as susceptible to environmental damage and a build up of grime, oil and bacteria as your face, so treat it as such.

Work your facial cleanser and exfoliant right down to your décolletage to ensure it gets a thorough daily detox. When it comes to exfoliating, you can use either your facial exfoliant or a body scrub to get the job done.

Personally, I use my facial liquid exfoliant on my neck as I find it more gentle on the more delicate skin, then I use a physical body scrub on my décolletage as the skin tends to be that bit thicker so it can handle the granules.

These steps will fight against free radical damage as well as removing any build up of dry and dead skin cells (drier skin automatically looks more mature as)

Firm and treat

The reason why our neck and décolletage show the visible signs of ageing so early is because they lose their elasticity quickly. To counteract this, firm and plump up these areas in the same way you would your face.

Moisturising, using either a body lotion, facial moisturiser or both, is of the utmost importance, but it’s also worth looking into serums and treatments that cater to your specific concerns.

Décolletage sprinkled with sun spots? Use a Vitamin C serum to fade any sun damage and even out the skin tone.

Neck lines and creases becoming visible? Plump them up using a Hyaluronic Acid rich treatment lotion.

If you have particularly dry skin, apply a facial serum to treat your specific skin care concerns then follow it up with a rich body moisturiser.

Add some glow

You apply makeup to your face when you’re heading out, so why not treat your neck and décolletage to the same treatment? My favourite trick for a red-carpet-ready décolletage is to apply a shimmering dry oil to the collar bones to attract the light (dry oils are great as they don’t feel stick or transfer onto clothes).

This trick works in two ways- firstly, dewy skin always looks younger and healthier than dry, matte skin, so the subtle shimmer pigments will give your décolletage a beautiful youthful glow, and secondly the shimmer will make your collarbones appear more prominent, making your décolletage appear more toned and defined.

I like using a product with a hint of bronze to it to give the skin a natural, sun kissed finish without having to apply body makeup.

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