Putting on a perfectly fitting, comfortable and beautifully crafted set of lingerie every morning can help kickstart a woman’s confidence, but that’s just one part of the daily routine.

We want to know what habits inspirational, successful Australian women adopt each morning to support themselves and prepare for an empowering day.

What’s their morning routine and how can we create similar foundations to acheive balance, calm and happiness?

We’re calling this series, the ‘Breakfast of Champions’.

Look out for our interviews where we’ll share with you the confidence-boosting activities and motivating secrets these women have cultivated to ensure they are able to balance their work, family and personal lives in a healthy, calm and productive way.

Model, Mother & AFL WAG, Clementine McVeigh

For our very first ‘Breakfast of Champions’ post, we’ve interviewed the beautiful Clementine McVeigh, star of our E-Boutique Launch Shoot in the SS17 Collection.

We were honoured to share the day with Clementine a mere 7 weeks after the birth of her third daughter!

The McVeigh’s tragically lost their first child, daughter Luella, at four weeks old in 2011, and have since welcomed Lolita-Luella (5) and now Florence (8 weeks).

It was her resilience and an unwavering ability to focus on positivity, love and happiness despite this loss that inspired us to interview Clementine for our first ‘Breakfast of Champions’ series.

Read on as Clementine shares both her morning routine and attitude towards the important things in life.



Morning Routine

I’m a very early riser.. always have been.

The very first thing I️ do in the morning as soon as I️ wake up is have a fresh lemon hot water tea. I️ can’t live without it. I️ believe it’s the best thing for your body as it’s an amazing cleanser.

After that is COFFEE! Another thing I️ can’t live without. I️ absolutely love my coffee.

For breakfast I️ usually have eggs in different ways, it’s an amazing protein to get you started for the day.




My favourite exercise is running, so I️ try to run at least 5 times a week and I️ love my soft sand runs at 6am on Bondi Beach.

Beauty Routine

My beauty routine is pretty simple.

I️ use Rationale for my skin. My favourite foundation is Chanel Vitalumiere – it’s heaven, followed by a bronzer, mascara, eyes and lippy.



Go-To Outfit

I️ don’t really have a ‘go-to’ outfit… it all depends on how I️ feel when I️ wake up as to what I️ will put together.

I️ definitely love my hats and head pieces and I️ always feel a bit naked without them.

Fashion is a huge part of my life and I️ love it – I️ guess I️ really do express who I️ am though my wardrobe!

I️ love my Simone Pérèle nude bodysuit.. I guess I️ could say that is my go-to! It’s perfect for my shoots and also to wear under all my floaty dresses.



How To Manage Stress & Building Resilience

To be honest I’m a very relaxed person, nothing really stresses my out these days.

I️ think that’s definitely evolved from losing our daughter; Unless it’s a huge thing I️ don’t let it get to me. I️ love to think positive and just get things done. I don’t let the small stuff affect me.

I️ pride myself on being a very kind person so I️ hope to attract positive people and positive energy. My husband and I️ have been to hell and back so truly just brush negative stuff off.

It’s sometimes hard to avoid the negativity, being in public eye. I️ have been modelling for 16 years now, constantly being judged on my appearance rather than my inside.

By now I’ve built up enough resilience that I’m ok with what is thrown at me.

I️ know we are all different and nobody is perfect.



A Mantra to Live By

At the end of the day, I’m empowered by the love and happiness in my life. I️ know who I️ am.

I️ have the most beautiful husband and was blessed with 3 divine daughters. So for me, that’s what’s most important.

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