There are few beauty products with powers as transformative as blush.

Often associated with clowns, china dolls and beauty pageants, when used correctly blush has the ability to completely lift and transform your complexion. The right shade, applied correctly, can make you look healthy and well rested, impart a glow over the skin and even enhance your bone structure.

Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks (the fleshiest part of the face) sweeping it up towards the tops of the cheekbones to taper out the colour. This way, you’ll avoid the round circles of blush that result in clown face.

To ensure you don’t create the illusion of sagging, imagine a horizontal line extending from the end of your nose and do not allow the colour to dip below it. Tap any excess product off your brush prior to application. It’s easier to build up blush than it is to work backwards after applying too much colour.

Now that you’re mastered the application, it’s time to determine the perfect blush hue for your complexion.

Find the Perfect Blush for Your Skin Tone

Understanding your undertones 

To find the perfect blush for your complexion, it’s important to identify your skin’s undertones. A common misconception is that fair skin is cool and deeper complexions are warm – this is not the case!

To determine your whether your skin is cool, warm or neutral, read our quick guide here.

Blush for warm skin tones

The principle is simple – if your undertones err towards warm, choose a warm blush. Warm blush tones include oranges, peaches and even pinks and reds with a hint of gold or honey to them.

Once you’ve found a colour family that works for your skin, the actual shade of the blush comes down to personal preference. If you’re new to blush or have naturally fair skin, choose a light shade.

Want to experiment with colour? Opt for something bold and bright – think Lipstick hues like those in Simone Perele’s Instant collection.

Blush for cool skin tones

Cool toned skin will suit true, deep reds and softer, ballerina pinks. The same rules apply here – choose a bright pink if you want the colour to really pop against your skin, or choose something soft for a fresh, natural flush.

Blush for neutral skin tones

Lucky you! Neutral skin tones can have the luxury of working with any blush colour.

Choose a blush tone to suit your outfit or the rest of your makeup, or keep things simple and flattering with a universal coral – a happy halfway point between cool and warm.