As a beauty writer, one of the questions I’m asked most often is “Which eyeshadows will best suit my eye colour?”

My first instinct is to iterate that no matter your colouring you should choose products that make you feel beautiful – beauty should be fun! That said, there are a few guidelines you can choose to follow if you are new to eyeshadow or simply want the colour of your eyes to look as bright, rich and beautiful as possible.

Eyeshadows specific to your eye colour will fall into one of two categories – complementary or intensifying. As its name suggests, a complementary colour will complement your natural eye colour.

An intensifying shade will make the colour of your eye look more intense. So, choosing an intensifying shade for a blue eye will make your eyes look even more blue than they already are.

Take these rules of thumb as a starting point while you gain colour confidence. Work from here, let these principles guide you, then experiment and choose colours based on what makes you happy – beauty should be fun!

Blue Eyes

Cool toned blue eyes (true blues and violets, as opposed to aqua which moves towards green on the colour wheel) will find complementary eyeshadows in blues, cool charcoals and soft lilacs, while golds, bronzes, peaches and beiges will make your blue eyes appear more intense.

The same principles apply to apparel – a hint of cool blue or violet (like the Simone Pérèle Manille collection in Midnight) will complement your colouring, while the Andora in Caramel will intensify).

Green Eyes

Green eyes, whether cool, warm or aqua, will find complementary shadows in a similar shade range to their eyes – emerald, turquoise and even a hint of gold to catch any warm flecks in the irises.

This theme of jewel tones extends to intensifying colours, with with rich purples, mahoganies and soft lilacs making green eyes look even greener.

You’ll find a similarly intensifying effect in the Simone Pérèle Eden range in Turtledove.

Brown and Hazel Eyes

As above, those with mid brown, dark brown and hazel eyes will find complementary eyeshadows in similar hues to their eyes. Think browns, bronzes, caramels and even golds and ambers to brighten the eye colour.

To intensify the warmth of brown eyes, look for cool tones to draw attention to the eye area. Deep midnight tones will add depth and drama to the eyes, while softer, lighter sky blues and aquas will make the eyes pop. Look for shades similar to Frozen from Simone Pérèle’s Delice collection.

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