If they’re good enough for these women in business, they’re good enough for us. Kickstart your day with a meaningful morning ritual – you won’t look back.

From Richard Branson’s 5am tennis matches to Ariana Huffington’s half-hour of meditation, the morning ritual club has a long list of converts. But do the benefits of early-morning activities outweigh the drawback of losing out on precious sleep time? We spoke to two of Australia’s leading business women about their AM hours and what sets them up for success, day in and day out.

Morning Rituals with Simplicity Expert Bronwen Sciortino

For author and simplicity expert Bronwen Sciortino, morning rituals are critical not only in being productive, but in maintaining the mental outlook she needs to operate her global business. Bronwen starts the day early, around 6am, with meditation for 40-60 minutes. Subscribing to the ‘eat the frog’ approach – the frog is the most dreaded task on your to-do list, and the idea is to get it ticked off first thing – Bronwen likes to get her admin work out of the way early, and dedicates a good half an hour to replying to emails and social media requests after meditating. Then comes exercise. “I usually choose between yoga, walking along the beach, or cycling,” Bronwen tells. After a nourishing breakfast and a shower, Bronwen gets stuck into her working day. “My routine is critical to me,” Bronwen tells. “I completely understand my energy flow during the day, so my routine has been set up so I can make the best use of my natural high and low energy periods during the day.” ‘Fiercely protective’ of her AM schedule, Bronwen’s morning ritual allows her to be her most creative and productive self, when it matters most.

The Morning Ritual of a Working Mum

Working mum and director Nicole Ashby’s routine centres around her kids, though she still manages to enjoy peaceful, quiet moments each morning. “I wake up before my three kids between 6.30am and 7am – the time depends largely on whether my 8 year-old has woken me during the night – and enjoy a healthy smoothie. It puts me in good stead for the rest of the day,” Nicole says. After the kids head off to school, Nicole usually goes to an 8.30am Pilates class or gets on with work straight away, depending on her schedule. “The morning routine that we’ve created as a family is important because it gets my kids set for the day. If I can can get them set then I can be more productive, focussed and efficient with my time,” Nicole explains.

How To Start Your Own Morning Ritual

Are you looking to make the most out of your day? Here are the best ways to establish a morning ritual that works for you…

– Set up a morning ritual that aligns with your values and goals. Everyone is different, so take some time to think about what sort of morning ritual would work best for you. If completing the ritual doesn’t seem that important to you then you’re likely to let the habit slip.

– Start simple. Don’t overload yourself with too much too soon, instead start with introducing one new element to your mornings and build on it over time.

– Keep at it. Habits take at least a month to form for the average person.

– Reward yourself. If you’re looking to start running in the mornings but you’re not too fond of pounding the pavement, make sure you follow up the exercise with a nutritious breakfast that you love to eat. This will act as a great motivator and builds a sense of achievement.


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