Packing lingerie for travel is one of those tasks that many of us pay no attention  to.

Too focused on how to fit enough outfit options whilst still making sure we’ve got enough extra room for souvenirs , any considerations to the foundation garments are often an after-thought!

However, without the proper undergarments, many of those carefully curated outfits are unwearable.

We caught up with Simone Pérèle’s Lingerie Stylist, Sarah Cohen, who gave us a few tips on the best ways to pack and care for your lingerie to maximise your travel outfits.

1. Make sure your underwear matches your outfits

For every outfit that you take with you, always make sure that you have the right undergarments!

“There’s nothing worse than taking a brand new top or skirt on holiday and realising that you’ve forgotten to pack seamless underwear or a strapless bra,” says Sarah.

“Before fully packing your bag, lay out all your outfits and make sure that you have the right lingerie for each set.”

2. The Checklist for Packing Lingerie

Sometimes it can be difficult to work out which bras and briefs you need without overpacking..

A fail-safe way to prepare is to pack basic essential items that you can wear with almost everything.

Sarah recommends that when travelling, pack the following:

Matching bra and briefs in skin colour
A strapless bra
Seamless underwear like our Invisi’bulle range
A beautiful matching set for special occasions such as our Flirt Half Cup Bra and Tanga in Midnight
Classic t-shirt bra like the Andora or Muse ranges

Sarah’s main advice is to make sure you’re comfortable and pack lingerie that is both practical and versatile.

3. Keep Your Lingerie Separate When Packing

“Because your lingerie is often made with delicate fabrics that can be easily caught on a zipper or other items in your suitcase, it’s very important to make sure that it is separated,” notes Sarah.

“Always pack your lingerie in a separate bag so that it can be easily found and won’t get caught on any other clothing”.

4. Bring Travel-Sized Delicates Wash

Save space in your bag by packing a travel size Delicates Wash so you can wash your lingerie on the go, minimising the space that extra lingerie would take up.

“It’s so easy to hand-wash your lingerie when you are in the shower, or in the sink of your hotel room,” Sarah says.

“Use cold water if possible, and a small amount of Delicates Wash, then dry your lingerie by pressing it lightly between two towels and leaving it to dry overnight.

5. Pack your socks in your bras!

An easy way to both save space and ensure your bras don’t get squashed in your suitcase is to pack your socks in the bra cups.

“To help keep the shape of your bras when travelling, pair your socks together and place them underneath your bra in each cup… a super easy way to both protect your delicates and make extra room in your suitcase for those new holiday purchases!”

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