Sure – we’ve all heard that plenty of women wear the wrong bra size – but are you one of them? How do you know if your bra is the wrong size? Here are five signs you are wearing the wrong size.

1. The Squeeze: Your Bra is Too Tight

Your Bra is too tightWhen you look at yourself in the mirror does it look like your skin is spilling out from underneath the band? You might be the victim of The Squeeze! Sure, you might be a size 10 in one style of bra – but you might be a size 12 in another style. If everything feels tight and your breathing is sometimes restricted – this is a pretty good sign that you’re wearing the wrong bra.

2. The High Back: The backstrap is half way up your back!

When you look side-on in the mirror, does the backstrap of your bra sit horizontal? Or does it look like it’s creeping up your back? Are you constantly trying to shorten the bra straps to make sure your bra stays on and the straps don’t fall down? It’s likely that you’re in a bra that’s too big, and probably the wrong style for your breast shape.

3. The Spill: Your Bust Sits Outside the Cup (Your Cup Overfloweth!)

If your breast tissue is sitting outside the edges of the bra cups, your bra will have to work extra hard and may stretch out faster. This is a classic ill-fitting bra situation – mainly created by women wearing bra sizes too small so that their breasts appear larger. This can be really damaging the lifespan of your bra and hurting your breast tissue!

4. The No-Fill: Your bust doesn’t fill the cup!

When you look down at your breasts – do you see space between the fabric of your bra and your skin? You’re in the wrong size! This is a classic case of being in the wrong cup size. The fabric should always sit flush against your skin.

5. Your Bra Straps are Falling Down

How annoying is it when you have a high neck shirt on and your bra strap keeps falling down – nothing worse than having to try and maneuver inside your shirt and pull it up! The strap slip is a very good indicator that you could be wearing the wrong size. If you tighten your straps too much – you may end up with The High Back. It could be a cup size or style issue.

Solution: Get Professionally Fitted

For something that you wear nearly every day, it’s a shame to be in a bra that doesn’t fit properly! You may be missing out on feeling so incredibly comfortable – forgetting that your bra is even there.

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