The start of summer signifies many things to many different people. For some, it means it’s now socially acceptable to listen to nothing other than Christmas music for the next month.

It’s watching Love Actually, again.

It’s marks the beginning of a month chock-a-block with Christmas drinks, with colleagues, old friends and family members.

Here in Australia, it means Summer has arrived, and with that, the dreaded search for the perfect strapless bra.

Bra shopping is often all about trial and error, and knowing what styles work for your bust shape and size. Strapless bras are no different.

So to save you from trying to discreetly pull up that old strapless bra every 30 minutes, we’ve put together a list of the things you may be doing wrong in your strapless bra search, so that you can party through this silly season in comfort and style.

1. Buying a size that fits on the tightest hook at the back


In an underwire bra, 80% of the support comes from the band. In a strapless, that becomes 100%! So to ensure your strapless bra has a longer life than one Summer, buy to fit on the middle hook. This way you can move to the end as it slowly loses elasticity, but can also loosen it off one as we fluctuate size throughout the month.

2. Buying your ‘usual’ cup size


The coverage and support you need from a strapless bra can be different to that of a push-up or half cup. Strapless bras usually give greater coverage, so judging the fit by only looking at how it fits at the front can be misleading.

If the boning at the side of thee cup is sitting on your breast tissue, the bra WILL slip down causing you discomfort and changing the shape of your silhouette.

3. Buying the same strapless bra as your bestie who swears she’s also 12B


When we find a good bra, it’s natural to want to recommend it to our friends, particularly when it comes to a strapless bra, because let’s face it, we’ve all worn one at some stage that was definitely too small, and spent the whole evening subtly trying to shuffle the underwire back up into place.

But while one shape or style may work for your BFF, it’s worth remembering everyone’s bust is a different shape, so ‘THE best strapless’ will be different for everyone.

4. Buying it the day of the big event, and trying it on for the first time as you’re getting dressed to leave


Get fitted! As a corsetière, I can honestly say I rarely come across someone who can wear the same size for t-shirt bra, and a strapless bra. It’s very common to go one size bigger in the cup for strapless bras, and the band fit and sizing can vary across different ranges, with microfibre, lotion touch fabric, and lace all fitting slightly different.

So to save yourself the discomfort of wearing the wrong size or style, visit your nearest Simone Pérèle store, and get fitted.

5. Not washing your strapless bra after every wear


Many of us are guilty of this. As the weather warms up and with Christmas fast approaching, the weekends are filling up fast with office Christmas parties, concerts and drinks with the girls. It can be hard to plan out outfits well in advance, so opting not to wash the strapless bra you wore last night when you’re doing that last minute hand-wash Saturday morning can seem like the safest bet.

But in the long run, you’re drastically reducing the life-span of your strapless bra.

Perspiration deteriorates elastic, so the less you wash it, the sooner you’ll be needing to wear it done up on the tightest set of hook and eyes.

With the proper care, a Simone Pérèle bra can easily last two years! Save yourself the painful experience of strapless bra shopping twice in one year, and gently hand wash after each wear. Click here for our video that guides you on how to care for your favorite Simone Pérèle lingerie.


So next time you find the perfect party dress, don’t put it back once you realise it requires a strapless bra. Remember these tips, seek the help of a trained corsetière, and you’ll be filling up your Summer wardrobe in no time!