If you are inspired by French Provincial homewares and design, read on for the fundamentals of  ‘rustic charm’.

Coco Republic‘s Max Sparrow explains, “You’ll find that a French Provincial design aesthetic features a more relaxed, almost ‘shabby chic’ form of French-style living – think gorgeously intricate Baroque furniture pieces paired with warm distressed timber accents.”

Houzz’s Joanna Tovia elaborates on the origins of this favoured design style; “The French provincial look has its roots in the mid to late 1700s, as people in various provinces in France (particularly Bordeaux, Brittany, Normandy and Provence) began to emulate the lavish furnishings adorning chateaux and estates.

Consider these 3 elements when styling your interiors:


1. French Provincial Colour Schemes

“As far as the colour scheme goes, buttery whites and yellows make for the perfect base, whilst warm golds and grass greens provide a more natural accent colour featured on upholstered fabrics and decorative items, says Sparrow.”

“Taupe, ivory, sage, grey and other restrained hues are the way to go, says Tovia. Such a refined colour palette is set off beautifully with an elaborate chandelier – welcome in any room of the house.”

French Provincial Home Styling

 2. French Country Design

The French Provincial interior design style is the refined elegance of Parisian living meets the rustic, humble country way of life.

Use rustic timber, stone and distressed materials, lovely linens and tactile fabrics to great that perfect blend of country elegance.

French Provincial Home Styling

3. French Provincial Textures

Whether it’s a fireplace, wall, skirting board or cornice, the most committed French provincial homes ensure each feature showcases ornate decorative detail.

Cabinetry and furniture follows the same theme so keep an eye out for antique armoires, sideboards and tables to add authentic vintage appeal.

French provincial home styling bathroom

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